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Tender Notice: Scrap Sale – Items of Electrical, Electronic, Metallic, Machineries etc at KCA Godown Brahmamangalam & Metallic Frames etc at Middle Tier Gallery JNI Stadium Kaloor Ernakulam

Kerala Cricket Association desires to sell scrap consisting of items of Electrical, Electronic, Metallic, Machineries etc on as such condition. Sealed competitive quotations are invited from interested parties for the above mentioned sale.

The items for sale (scrap) will be displayed at KCA Godown Brahmamangalam & at Middle Tier Gallery JNI Stadium on 30th & 31st May and 01st, 02nd, 03rd & 04th June 2024 from 10 am to 5 pm. The last date for submission of tender will be 05th June 2024 at 3 pm and the tender will be opened on the same day at 4 pm at the Office of Kerala Cricket Association, JNI Stadium, Kaloor, Kochi. The prescribed form (attached) shall be used to submit the tender.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The bidder has to quote separately for Part I & Part II (no part sale/category wise permitted)
  2. The scrap has to considered on “as such condition”
  3. The bidder who quotes the highest amount will be awarded the tender
  4. Kerala Cricket Association will have the right to negotiate further with the highest bidder
  5. The successful bidder has to remit the quoted amount in full on the tender awarding day and remove all the sold items from KCA premises within 24 hours
  6. If the bidder is not able to pay the full amount on the tender awarding day, he may pay 50% of the quoted amount as advance and then pay the balance the next day and clear the items. If the successful bidder fails to pay the balance 50% within 24 hours, the advance amount has to be forfeited and the sale will be awarded to the next highest bidder

Secretary, Kerala Cricket Association reserves the right to accept/reject any or all quotes and also cancel the quotation notice and call for re-quote without assigning any reason thereof.

Honorary Secretary

Kerala Cricket Association

Date: 28.05.2024


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