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Thumba St. Xaviers’s College Cricket Ground


The stadium was built by KCA in association with St. Xavier’s College.The stadium, situated in a 6.3 acre land, was built on land leased from the college for 10 years. Once the lease gets over the ground will be handed over to the college authorities. The ground was built as part of KCA’s mission 20-20 – a plan to build 14 stadiums in the state.The stadium is modelled on the cricket stadia in Australia and England. It is the first ground in Kerala to have nine wickets. Two wickets in the centre are for first class matches and the others would be given for district-college-school-club level matches. Boundaries are about 79-82 metres from the centre, which is indeed long considering any Indian ground. Trees have been planted around the stadium – infact about 600 of them.



  • KCA Cricket Stadium at St. Xaviers College, Thumba

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