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RFQ is invited for design, supply and installation of Cricket Practice Nets at Sports Hub for existing Cricket Turf Wicket facility containing (7 Turf and 2 Concrete Wicket)at Sports Hub, Karyavattom, Thiruvananthapuram.

The design submitted by the bidder design and usage of materials should confirm to the ICC/BCCI/KCA performance and technical standards for cricket practice nets, cages and support/security fencing standards.

Other Requirements/Quality-Considerations

The bidder is required to visit the site prior to submitting design and price bid.

The facility should be designed so as it should prevent balls from going under, over, round or through the structure of netting/cage support.

The bidder is required to substantiate on the design optimisation on the billowing / tensioning/anti-deformation plan of nets/anti-sway plan for pillars in their design. This is a pre-requisite prior to issue of Work Order.

All steel works including nets should be robust enough to avoid damage/ risk of players, equipments running into the frame. It must be to the correct strength and installed to suitable design considering the actual site condition, prevailing flow of wind etc.

Warranties to be provided for the design, material used. Rodent protection plan should also be incorporated in the design.

Complete technical details / specification of materials to used should be detailed in the bid.

CAGE:Quality of Pipe/Pole/Post, Cross members and other support systems.
NETS:Durability, Open to Extreme Weather Condition, UV Protection Etc.
FIXINGS: Quality of Fixings, ties, laces, brackets, concrete, pegs etc
DESIGN: Players should be protected from the risk of flying balls from adjacent lanes, also offers improved tension without gaps and sagging.
WARRANTY:After Installation Services, Defect Maintenance


Details of major similar work undertaken in the past 5 years to be listed out with attested copy of certificate of completion with cost of work done.

Details of Registration such as GST, Organisational registration to be provided.

Bank Details to which payment is to be made is to be attested and provided.

A declaration as to “Conflict of Interest Rules” -if associated with Kerala Cricket Association, any of its administrators, members, employees is to be submitted. (Declaration Enclosed)

Schedule of Work:

The work is to be executed/completed within a period of 10 to 15 days from the date of issue of work order.

The responsibility of design is solely on the service provider.

Price Bid:-

Should be quoted based on the design provided with item wise rate per square meter and rate per kilograms. (Nets & Accessories in square meter rate and structural members in kilograms including painting the pipes with 2 coats of primer/anti corrosive coating and 2 coats of epoxy paint).

Tax should be mentioned separately.

Price is valid for a period of 3 months and price escalation will not be entertained at any cost.

For clarifications regarding tender conditions you may contact the office of Kerala cricket Association on 0471-2326522 or vide e-mail office@keralacricket.in

The quotation along with the design should be mailed to the official mail id of Kerala Cricket Association office@keralacricket.in on or before 11 am 11.11.2021 with subject “Tender – Design/Supply of Cricket Practice Net”


KCA reserves the right to accept/reject any offer and to cancel the tender and call for re-tender without assigning any reason thereof and also to negotiate the rates.

Secretary, Kerala Cricket Association

Date: 08.11.2021


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