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Kerala Cricket Association (KCA) invites Expression of Interest/ Tender from eligible entities (as stipulated hereunder) to acquire permissive “Temporary Pouring Rights” for composite allotment of earmarked Stalls under identified portions of the Stadium for selling “drinking water in permissible bottles” “soft drinks and other ready to drink products”, “ready to eat/drink products” for the 1st Paytm T20I India Vs. South Africa on 28th September 2022 at Sports Hub (Greenfield Stadium, Karyavattom), Thiruvananthapuram.
  1. Bidder must be holder of Regulatory License for at least 5 consecutive previous years and must possess BIS Licensed manufacturing Unit or a distributor of company having such licenses
  2. No Bid below or at par of the ‘RESERVED PRICE’ shall be entertained
  3. The successful Allottee shall have to obtain temporary License from Corporation/Food Safety Authorities
  4. The successful Allottee and its assigned Stall holders shall have to sell the permitted items strictly in terms of MRP (Maximum Retail Price) provided by the manufacturer and there cannot be any sale with dual MRP
  5. The Stalls will be allotted only on the above Match-days and the Allottee shall be required to maintain sufficient stock so as to ensure uninterrupted supply of drinking water/soft drinks. No cooking through Oven or Gas or Stove of any kind or any naked flames will be allowed inside the Stadium or inside the Stall, save and except one electric point will be allowed
  6. For each Stall, sufficient numbers of Waste Bins, in addition to two big size Drums / Containers in front of each Stall for dumping refuse must be provided and no waste or refuse be permitted to be thrown or scattered or dumped anywhere else
  7. The Stall-holders should be in their respective allotted space inside the stadium with their Items and other commodities 24 hours before the scheduled commencement of the Match. The details of Gates and its location shall be notified to the Allottee
  8. For every stall not more than 2 Accreditation Cards shall be issued. The accreditation process will be informed once the agreement is executed. The Stall personnel shall be under compulsion to display their Accreditation Cards affixed with Photographs. Any Stall personnel found without displaying photo affixed Accreditation Cards shall be removed forthwith from the Stadium. No Accreditation Card will be transferable during the above Match-days under any circumstances
  9. The Stall – holder or any of his representatives shall not occupy any seat in the Stadium and / or stand at any place inside the gallery
  10. Successful Bidder must deposit with the KCA a Performance Deposit not later than at the time of execution of agreement for “pouring rights” of the Indian Rupees 25000/=(Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only).The same shall be refunded after completion of event if the performance of the Stall-holder is found to be satisfactory during the Match and after deducting apportioned portion of cleaning charges payable to the Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram
  11. Any Bid in respect of which the Performance Deposit is not submitted in accordance with this Section, the Bid shall stand rejected irrespective of fulfilment of other criteria
  12. The Reserved Price for temporary licensed Right is hereby fixed at Rs.3,00,000/= (Rupees Three Lakhs) only
  13. The Allottee will have to supply the following items on non-chargeable basis over and above the Bid price
    • Soft drinks (assorted)– 200 crates
    • Packaged drinking water (500 ml) – 400 crates
    • Gatorade/Sports drink – 50 crates
    • Refrigerators – 25 units
    • Umbrellas – 20
    • Ice boxes – 20
  14. The Allottee shall have to pay the entire amount to the Kerala Cricket Association within 48 hours of the date of the Work Order and in default the allotment shall stand ipso facto cancelled without any reference. The payment shall be only through Bankers Cheque NEFT/RTGS in favour of “Kerala Cricket Association”
  15. The Bidder shall state in Indian Rupees its proposed Pouring Right Fee Bid, net of any deductions (except TDS), GST or any other levies /charges for the Permissive temporary licensed Right for the above T-20 International Match.GST to be separately disclosed
  16. While a single Ball being bowled shall be deemed Match being played, however, if the entire Match is washed out or abandoned without a single bowl being bowled, the License Fee shall be refunded to the Allottee without interest and after deducting the costs of Accreditation Cards and other Miscellaneous costs so incurred
  17. The Allottee shall indemnify the KCA against all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, expenses arising out of or in connection of the acts of allottee and in relation to the selling of permitted items viz. drinking water, soft drinks or any other
  18. Due to the any reasons like epidemic/ COVID-19 pandemic if the spectators are not allowed to view the match (in any case) or the match takes place in a closed environment without any spectator the total license fees shall be refunded however have to provide the agreed quantity on non-chargeable basis
  19. The successful bidder shall ensure that its personnel are vaccinated and practice all necessary COVID-19 protocols such as wearing of mask, hand sanitizer and any other directions prescribed by the local authorities
  20. Each Bidder shall at the time of submission of its Bid submit documents conforming eligibility, as aforesaid, including its legal identity, past experiences, Licenses (as per Clause 1) above, document evidencing payment of the Performance Deposit, Offer of the Financial Bid without any precondition attached thereto. The sealed Envelope should be fully sealed and marked as follows:
  21. “Bid –Pouring Rights for Vending Stalls for Soft Drinks & supply prescribed”
    The Hon. Secretary
    KCA Complex
  22. The Bid Documents in sealed covers, as above, shall be delivered by hand in person by an authorized representative of the Bidder or through post/courier at Office of the KCA on or before 4 pm -22nd August 2022. No Bid in unsealed cover or cover without superscribing bid will be accepted. All documents must be delivered before the said time and no further documents or Bids will be accepted past the above specified time frame and date unless KCA decides otherwise in its absolute discretion and duly notified beforehand. Once submitted, no Bid shall be permitted to be withdrawn
  23. The sealed Bids would be opened on 22nd August, 2022 from 5PM onwards. Not more than 1 duly authorized and empowered persons may be present per Bidder
Secretary, KCA reserves the right to accept/reject any or all tenders and also cancel the tender and call for re-tender without assigning any reason thereof.




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